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I was beyond excited when a good friend of mine, Nicole Wayland, asked me to photograph new portraits for her small business. Nicole started Ford Editing on her own. It started small with a dream and now she is editing left and right! Not only is she an editor and a small business owner, but Nicole is also a yoga instructor! Her next task is mastering the techniques of Calligraphy! I am so excited to see her upcoming projects!

Nicole and I go back to about 2011 I believe. She was a promotional model and did frequent runway shows as well. As I was just starting to become curious with fashion editorial photography, Nicole was brave enough to let a first timer snap a shutter at her. We have definitely grown closer over the years and we still keep in touch. I am so lucky to know such a sweet and giving human being. Nicole is over and beyond talented. Stay tuned - I am no doubt that we will collaborate again VERY soon to show you her calligraphy masterpieces!


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What you should always ask your Wedding Photographer When it comes to your wedding, there are so many things to consider. The cake, the flowers, the menu, how many guests, who should I hire as my wedding photographer!?

Here are the top 5 questions that you should never hesitate to ask when deciding which photographer to hire. I will keep this short, sweet & to the point.




     1. Do I need a contract?

Contracts are very important. These not only protect the photographer, but they protect you as the client. Each contract should state exactly what you will receive and the price/details of the collection you have chosen. It is best to hire someone that will design a contract specifically for your event. Also, don’t forget to have a copy of the contract to keep for your personal records!


     2. Do you have more than one lens?

I find this question to be pretty high up there when it comes to who you should hire. I won’t get into the technical terms or list brands, but it is nice to know that your photographer isn’t photographing your entire wedding with a standard kit lens.


     3. Do you have backup? You know, in case your battery dies?

This is a question that most forget to ask. I will always have 2 extra fully charged batteries and a handful of CF & SD cards. Even if your photographer went through the entire wedding with one battery, knowing that he/she is prepared can easily settle any nervousness or worry.


     4. Will we plan a meeting?

I think meetings are so important. This gives you and the photographer a chance to get to know each other. In most cases, the wedding photographer you hire will normally provide an engagement session with your collection. Again, a great time to chat, ask more questions and figure out if your personalities mesh.



     5. When will I receive all of my images?

This is a question I hear very often. It may vary depending on the photographer and their turnaround time. I normally have all of the images ready for my wedding clients within 3-4 weeks. Rushing is a definite no when it comes to the processing of any session. You deserve to have the best product that will forever make you smile.



And there you have it! The top 5 questions that are important to always ask your wedding photographer. I hope this post was healpful for those of you still searching for the perfect wedding photographer that will fit your needs.


Do you want  a FREE consultation with me to discuss capturing your big day!


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Sylvan - Class of 2016 I first met Sylvan after I made a model casting call for a fashion editorial I was planning. She amazed me right away! Very natural and extremely comfortable in front of the camera. I was so thrilled when our editorial went to print. After that session, Sylvan and I collaborated on a few more personal projects I had up my sleeve.

I was SO excited when Sylvan approached me to photograph her senior photos. It meant so much that she wanted to include me and it was such an honor to provide her with a moment that will last a lifetime.

Our session took place at Kenmore Plantation. I suggested this location and I was super excited when Sylvan and her mom agreed. We couldn't have had a more perfect day! My friend Lauren Ashley provided hair and makeup. This lady is not only an amazing friend, but a super talented makeup artist!

We chatted and laughed during makeup and hair and prayed that the rain would pass. Not only did it pass, the sky remained overcast throughout a good portion of the session. A photographer's dream come true!

I could not be happier with how Sylvan's session turned out. One of my favorite portrait sessions to date! I wish Sylvan the BEST! She is such a sweet and genuine young lady. I know she is going to go over and beyond with anything that she does.

Oh! Sylvan is going to model for me as a bride in an upcoming stylized wedding shoot with an amazing team. Stay tuned!




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The Pethokoukis Family I had the best time photographing this amazing family. After a few days of lingering rain, the clouds held up for us and the overcast allowed us to have wonderful lighting as well! It was such a perfect day!

I was contacted by Cassiel to plan a family session. Cassiel and I have worked together numerous times when I photographed more editorial a fashion styled shoots. She is without a doubt, one of my favorite people. She is so genuine and kind. I have also done a few photoshoots with Cassiel's younger sister, Jane. Jane is such a lovely young lady. Both of these girls warmed up to me right away from the moment we met. They hold a special place in my heart and I think the world of them! 

The Pethokoukis family is a family of 9! Mom, dad, six sisters and one brother. At times, positioning a larger family can create a lot of thinking and head scratching. However, this family had it down to a T! There was a lot of laughing and story telling. Finally meeting Cassiel and Jane's family was such a pleasure. I absolutely loved working with them and I hope we can do it again!



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DuVal is TWO! DuVal is one of the sweetest little boys I have ever met! Shy at first but definitely warms up with some time. It's hard to believe he is already TWO!

We started out with a studio session since the sun was shining perfectly through my living room window. DuVal had the chalkboard in hand and a questionable look on his face as I set up my softbox. We brought in the little rocking chair, that belongs to my son, and DuVal seemed to really enjoy sitting back and allowing me to work some magic with my camera. Of course, DuVal wanted his mommy to pick him up quite often, but he handled the studio session with ease along with his buddy, the giraffe.

The 2nd part of our session took place at a farm located near downtown Fredericksburg. The wind was blowing and the sun was warm. DuVal had a blast in the tall grass. His mom, Kelli-Beth, would sing 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' whenever DuVal seemed unsure about the strange feeling of grass under his bare feet.

I am so pleased with how this adorable little man's session turned out! I can't wait to have the opportunity to photograph his adorable smile again!



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Nicole & Ellie I had the best time capturing Nicole & Ellie's 'Mommy & Me' session! Not only are they amazing clients, they are most importantly like family to me. Nicole and I have been best friends for several years now. It truly means the world to me that she wanted to hire me to capture this session for her. This is my second year photographing these lovely ladies and they always warm my heart. Watching Ellie grow is so amazing. She is such a spunky, charming, caring and energetic little girl.

We had such a blast doing this session together. Lauren Ashley, another wonderful friend of mine, was the makeup artist & hair stylist. I didn't even need to suggest or recommend a makeup artist. Nicole knew right away who she wanted to hire and I couldn't agree more with her decision. Lauren is such a talented lady and it has been wonderful to watch her grow as an artist over the years.

This session involved lots of laughter, smiles, jokes and memories being made. Nicole and Ellie are two very special people in my life. I cannot express into words how amazing it was to capture the side of them that I see when they are around me. The way they interact, words cannot describe. They have such a special bond and you can see how much they love each other. I can't wait to capture another 'Mommy & Me' session with these two beautiful ladies next year!



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